June Blooms in The Gateway Gardener Garden

I took photos in May, but never got around to posting them, so thought I’d catch up on what’s blooming (plus some foliage interest) in the garden at the start of June. Included are some plants from the Plant of Merit garden, the “Petite Prairie” native garden, a shade garden, and the new sun garden created in the vacancy created by the recent departure of a mature white pine and silver maple.

Click on any photo to view and click on the forward or backward arrows to move through the photo gallery’s first 20 images. After the last slide, click inside the photo to close and go to the next 20. Actually, I think there are only 20 images in this gallery, so you probably won’t need that last step. (Note: if you choose the Slideshow option, the captions don’t appear, so if you want to know what you’re looking at, view the images through the “Pictures List” option.)