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Dried Plant Stalks Important Winter Homes for Bees and More!

Sumac stems

I took my first steps in horticulture walking down a narrow path of age-old gardening traditions. I learned to care for vegetable gardens, a rose garden, a lilac screen and perennial borders each with squarely trimmed hedges and edges. The lawn was cut in a diamond pattern using an old-style reel mower. By Scott Woodbury [This article was first published

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Winter Gardens in The Gateway Region

An image of seedheads in snow

In St Louis we can be outside enjoying our gardens and landscapes at any month in the year. If you add some of these plants to your list there will be a whole new season of interest in your own backyard. By Steffie Littlefield [This article was first published in The Gateway Gardener Nov/Dec 2017.] Everyone has a different answer

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