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A photo of a portable chicken coop with chicken

It doesn’t get any more local than this. The Easy Chicken provides the chickens, the coop, the feed–everything you need for fresh eggs at your back door, including an “Easy Chicken Hotline” to take away any guesswork. Best of all: the hens are guaranteed to lay. The Easy Chicken provides all-inclusive backyard chicken packages, including guaranteed-to-lay hens and mentoring, for

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Checkin’ Out Chickens!

There are lots of benefits to keeping backyard chickens. Turns out one of them comes from simply watching them. Debi Gibson, director of the Maplewood/Richmond Heights School District’s Seed to Table program and the “mother hen” who cares for a clutch of chickens at the district’s Early Childhood Development Center’s teaching garden, says that’s what the employees of the adjacent

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