A photo of a portable chicken coop with chicken

It doesn’t get any more local than this. The Easy Chicken provides the chickens, the coop, the feed–everything you need for fresh eggs at your back door, including an “Easy Chicken Hotline” to take away any guesswork. Best of all: the hens are guaranteed to lay.

The Easy Chicken provides all-inclusive backyard chicken packages, including guaranteed-to-lay hens and mentoring, for rent or purchase, in St. Louis and surrounding areas. According to owner Maria Jansen, the service allows families to experience the fun and nutrition of backyard eggs without the hassle of assembling their own setup from scratch.

“The rental package gives people who are thinking about backyard chickens a chance to check out the concept,” said Jansen. “It’s a try-before-you-buy opportunity. If they like it, they can purchase the whole package at a discount.”

Packages are designed to be eco-friendly and easy to manage. Customers also have access to The Easy Chicken Hotline, to provide an extra level of assurance that hens are going to have a good, safe, and healthy home.

The Easy Chicken also offers a “chicken refresher package” for customers who want to keep chickens around for the prime egg-laying season (during the longer days of April-October).

For information, visit or call (314) 852-5802.