Garden Blitz Photos

a photo of Pat Foreman and chicken named 'Mizzou'

Pat Foreman, author of City Chicks, showing off 'Mizzou' at the Garden Blitz

Here are photos from the Garden Blitz event last weekend co-sponsored by the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Horticulture Co-op of Metro St. Louis, as well as photos of the reception held Saturday night for members of the Hort Co-op to meet the new MBG Director, Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson. Click on any photo to view and click on the forward or backward arrows to move through the photo gallery’s first 20 images. After the last slide, click inside the photo to close and go to the next 20. (Note: if you choose the Slideshow option, the captions don’t appear, so if you want to know who you’re looking at, view the images through the “Pictures List” option.)