St. Louis Garden Tour

The Gateway Gardener was pleased to be a co-sponsor of the St. Louis Garden Tour Sunday, June 12th. The tour was hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden and takes place only once every 3 year. This year, 8 gardens were featured, including A Collectors Garden, Wildlife Sanctuary, a Summer Entertaining Garden, A Tropical Garden, A Natural Beauty Garden, a Garden Elegance garden, a Southern Charm garden and a Yoga Garden. I had the pleasure of visiting all but the Tropical Garden on the tour yesterday. Here are a few photographs from the Tour.

Click on any photo to view and click on the forward or backward arrows to move through the photo gallery’s first 20 images. After the last slide, click inside the photo to close and go to the next 20. (Note: if you choose the Slideshow option, the captions don’t appear, so if you want to know who you’re looking at, view the images through the “Pictures List” option.)