Modern Indoor Harvest Display

An indoor fall harvest botanical display

I like to use indoor foliage to provide the fall seasonal color.

(This article was first published in the Gateway Gardener November 2010 issue.)

By Ellen Barredo

An indoor fall harvest botanical display

Carex ‘Red Rooster’ and Croton ‘Zanzibar’ (photo by Ellen Barredo

I find the calendar once again flipped open to the month of November and again the yearly thought crosses my mind …Decorate for the Harvest. With the kids long grown I seldom haul out the traditional Halloween decorations. Instead I decorate for the fall season!

I like to use indoor foliage to provide the fall seasonal color. Simply think about arranging several colorful plants in containers placed on the mantelpiece, dining room table or kitchen island. Choose the rooms where you spend the most time.  Wooden crates and pots, woven twig or grass baskets and tin containers of all types are all popular this year as interior decorating pieces.

Don’t forget a few accents to use with your plants such as decorative candles, bundles of

A fall harvest display featuring Guzmania 'Aubrey'

Guzmania ‘Aubrey’ (photo by Ellen Barredo)

corn with colorful kernels, apples, gourds of various sizes and colors, and—oh, a little raffia in fall colors. Sounds like a visit to the local farmer’s market is in order! Be creative!

Below find a list of unique plants for this project! Most independent garden centers will be able to provide you with these plants and containers.

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Plant List

Guzmania ‘Aubrey’: yellow/orange

Guzmania ‘Violet Queen’: purple

Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’: new leaves unfurl a vivid orange and change to pale green when mature

Carex ‘Bronco’: mop shaped plant wispy orange brown foliage

Carex ‘Red Rooster’: upright plant with orange/brown foliage

Calathea, assorted varieties: dark plums and mossy green paddle-shaped leaves with purple undersides

Croton ‘Zanzibar’: brilliant colored leaves of green, reds and yellows. Leaves are very narrow with a cascading habit

Ellen Barredo is a Missouri Certified Nursery Professional with more than 29 years in professional horticulture. She works at Bowood Farms and can be reached at (314) 454-6868.