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St. Louis Garden Tour

The Gateway Gardener was pleased to be a co-sponsor of the St. Louis Garden Tour Sunday, June 12th. The tour was hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden and takes place only once every 3 year. This year, 8 gardens were featured, including A Collectors Garden, Wildlife Sanctuary, a Summer Entertaining Garden, A Tropical Garden, A Natural Beauty Garden, a Garden

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Easter Sunday Blooms

I was visited by my first hummingbird of the season yesterday, so I decided to head out into the garden on a rainy Easter Sunday morning to see what he/she might be finding to feed upon. Here’s what I found blooming–plus a couple of my favorite hostas thrown in for fun! Had to include the climbing hydrangea, though it hasn’t

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Gateway Gardener Garden In Bloom 4-10-11

What a beautiful weekend day! (Too bad I’m inside working on taxes.) Things continue to progress in The Gateway Gardener garden, with the spring ephemerals like sessile bellwort and Virginia bluebell peaking, along with other spring perennials and flowering trees and shrubs. Here’s what was in bloom today (not including things we’ve already covered in previous photo galleries that are

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Gateway Gardener Garden In Bloom 3-23-11

Winter bullied its way back into spring today, but not before I could get out in the garden yesterday and document what I found blooming on a beautiful 70-degree spring morning. The hellebores (Lenten rose) and daffodils were dominating the show, but were joined by some other spring bulbs, woodland ephemerals and the dangling catkins of ‘Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick’.

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Garden Blitz Photos

Here are photos from the Garden Blitz event last weekend co-sponsored by the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Horticulture Co-op of Metro St. Louis, as well as photos of the reception held Saturday night for members of the Hort Co-op to meet the new MBG Director, Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson. Click on any photo to view and click on the

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