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Greenhouse Windows and Plants That Love Them

By Ellen Barredo (This article originally appeared in The Gateway Gardener Jan/Feb. 2006 issue) There are many plants that will enjoy the bright, warming environment of a greenhouse window. Greenhouse windows also allow you to rotate plants to different rooms for display and then return the plant to the window’s favorable light conditions for rejuvenation. Before selecting plants for the

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By Connie Alwood (this article first appeared in The Gateway Gardener in Jan/Feb. 2006) Look for these winter visitors in your garden! In Florida, southern Texas and southeastern Arizona, “snowbirds” mean one thing: migrating retirees returning for the winter. They come from Canada and Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas, looking to avoid the harsh winter months. Of course the original

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From Cloches to Castles–Season Extenders

Season-Extending Options for Every Budget (This article first appeared in The Gateway Gardener Jan/Feb. 2006 issue) Many gardeners welcome the respite from gardening chores that comes from the frosty days of winter, but if this is your season of discontent, there are many options available to minimize and even eliminate your gardening downtime.  From simple, economic covers to budget-busting glass

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Vast and Versatile Viburnums (originally published in The Gateway Gardener, March 2006) By Asta Sadauskas Viburnums are a versatile group of shrubs with a wide range of sizes and shapes. They are white spring-flowering and most have good-to-excellent fall color, including some with attractive berry display. There is a variety that will fit every garden, and every garden should have

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